#5 Newsletter

7th October 2020

Hi All,

Wednesday 7th September “We have lift off” Zoom with MOONSHOTS!!.

Send apologies if you cannot join us in orbit.

Several topics were covered on last weeks Zoom

The Carnegie Mellon University Alumni would increase the use of the Moonshots space and add contributors to the activities. The strategic and activity benefits are well worth nurturing the CMU connection into Moonshots.

Founders Institute are looking to join with the Moonshots Collective. Combining the franchise template with the knowledge and business mentoring base of Moonshots.

Re: looking for business plan assistance. Recieved this email from one of our collective, James Rolevink (edited version)

“To be honest, passion, vision, never taking no for an answer, pestering until people give in and being a shameless networking whore are more my thing. I think there’s even an argument to be made that, in the right context, stubbornness and wilful /naive ignorance about that which ‘can’t be’ or ‘isn’t done’ become super powers.

As such, I know I could use some help developing a business plan + honing a pitch for ACC, SA Gov, all the new friends I’m making and anyone else who might be interested.”

Adding the right people to our collective.

If you have people to introduce please let Rick know.

1) A Social Enterprise; to run our function space and bar. Rent will be free until the venture can afford some revenue sharing (3 – 6 months)

2) The following Monthly options are available for Collective membership

$50 for casual drop in meetings etc

$150 for a shared desk – adjacent to the front window on the ground floor

$450 for one of the available 1 person offices

$650 for the slightly bigger offices on the Southern side.

All members have access to Gigabit Internet, Boardroom incl Video Conferencing, Meeting area on ground floor adjacent Casual Desks and free use of function space.

The weekly Friday at Entrepreneurs Bar @Moonshots the best social way to keep in touch with the activity of individuals in the collective and connected projects.

https://apollotwo.com/ The Collective website is up and running if you want to post something for the group please contact me and I will get it posted. (Geoff).