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31st August 2020 https://apollotwo.com/

Hi All,

Welcome to this newsletter for the active members of the collective which has began to take form out of the Moonshot’s activity since late 2019. The conversations and networking as individuals is coalescing into an entity that gets things done. Thanks to Russell Colbourne for launching our “space” program with the Apollotwo.com site. More to follow as it is built.

That is the core strength of the collective, it comes to utilising our ‘We power’. Where “we” contribute the resources and knowledge we are good at individually. When it comes from private enterprise operators with skin in the game it is relevant and workable.

What we are trialing through Robe and into the Limestone Coast, has global goals. Things are happening and that is where the efficiency of private enterprise in action shows its nimbleness. Working with Local Governance does show the difference in operations as the relevant bodies have to go through their procedures. The need for patience on our part is unavoidable. That said the amount of activity has been well recieved

The District Council of Robe has now employed Robert Moir as their Director of Infrastructure. Geoff Dening met with him and James Holyman early last week. We discussed several topics and his current activities, responsible for the works and planning of existing and future infrastructure. We have a working conduit to the governing body and a growing one with the resident business operators. 21st Aug Deputy Premier Vickie Chapman was in Robe meeting with James Holyman on various developments the Community Blockchain project was described to her also.

The loose descriptions following are just some of the activities underway and in various stages of discussion.

  1. Development of better connectivity submission is being discussed Loftus and DC Robe
  2. AgWaste recycling has began to be investigated after a referal from Rick to https://trashd.com.au/
  3. Road to Robe Art expo. Improved facilities in National Parks Roscoe Shelton
  4. Digital Marketing Tribe through Goingtoplaces.com are being considered for promtional activities.
  5. Shane Yeend has been active since the trip to Robe. Had discussions with SA Power Networks about improving the power supply situation. Meeting next week with Emergency Services Minister Vince Tarzia re; locating a Rescue Helicopter base in Robe. Bringing 10 new skilled jobs and a greater medical capability. Recruiting graphic designers from Melb and Sydney for the Imagination business and locating them in Robe.
  6. TradeAI Lukasz Wyszynski had meetings with local suppliers of primary produce
  7. Criterium Solutions Ltd, is the UK company that is involved with the community blockchain. They have available a team of 100 developers in AI, Machine learning and blockchain for the collective members to utilise for your ideas.

Whilst the community blockchain project not a direct part of the intial idea it is another example of what industry and business development can evolve. Have a great week Geoff Dening

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