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25th November 2020

Robe Council Initial payment What and Why $4750 and How and When $4750 plan

With a limited amount of funding (say $500) for each phase Rick needs to know who is interested in contributing to either or both plans.

Members will be paid for services delivered under the plan. Firstly from grant funding and then from business throughout this and other regions who become your clients. And I am sure you will have the opportunity to gain equity in businesses we help develop!

To help us grow we will be asking all Collective members (company or individual)

Initial membership fee of $50. Then $25 per month once the full plan has secured the funding to start. Opportunities exist for all members, if you wish to be part of it. Your business will be a preferred supplier to all programs.

Loftus are already part of it and working directly with the Council on a plan to deliver High Speed Internet to the town.

Given this is regional not just Robe a Project Name name is required- email your thoughts.

Geoff Dening’s suggestion is Kanawikna

The term kanawinka is taken from the language of the Buandik aboriginal peoples, the traditional owners of the land and means “Land of Tomorrow”. Buandik lands stretched along the coast in the far south of modern day South Australia and across to the Victorian border regions. The geological fault line which runs from the Naracoorte area down and across into Victoria is known as the Kanawinka Fault Line and the name was also given to a parish in the Casterton/Coleraine area.

A website development that has all the info in this doc available for Robe / Limestone Coast and other communities we want to engage eg Pt Lincoln and Onkaparinga. Rick has suggested to pay Ravi from Research Sat a small fee to develop the website …. because he is quite good at it and as his business goes through the valley of death on the way to his first launch he needs to eat and pay rent.

Founders Institute – to be involved in 2021 as a sponsor, mentor, supporter let us know

12 months of nurturing an idea is now in action. Thank you to Shayne Yeend and Imagination Games for providing a space for the collective to meet and begin this process.

have a good week all


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