#8 Newsletter

16th November 2020

Robe Update; where the progress is at for the minute.

Regional path with the whole Moonshots concept.

With Founder Institute possibly one or two will get through the whole program

Moonshots – Do different better.

A business incubator for new and existing businesses to be developed.

Eddie Blass’s Inventorium has a ‘kick-starter’ program which is a pre-accelerator/pre-incubator / small business program which people work through over a year to gain the education they need to start their business. It is not like any of the current offerings as the focus is on educating the business owner rather than focussing on the business development, and it is not rushed in any way by a fixed term before pitching for finance. People who complete this would be better placed for FI or some other accelerator if they wanted to go on to that. This is a foundation year for people who are not ready for that, don’t have a good idea yet, or have an idea but it is converting their barn into an Air bnb.

Demo site is https://kickstarterdemo@inventorium.com.au – sign up for a guest login.

Opportunities exist for all members, if you wish to be part of it. Your business will be a preferred supplier to all programs.

Soon we will institute a monthly Collective membership fee of $50 to support on going activities inc the Bar on Friday

Connecting and connections – Founders Institute , 42 , CMU

have a good week all


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