#4 Newsletter

Hi All,

Wednesday 30th September “Onto the Launch Pad” Zoom with MOONSHOTS!!.

Send apologies if you cannot buckle in this flight.

Last weeks Zoom the main topic was covered was the presentation of the proposal to the Robe DC on what the Moonshots Collective can deliver. Rick Carter has completed this and it has been forwarded this week.

Daniel Comley and the https://trashd.com.au/ recycling platform, are now connected with DC Robe

Grass does not grow under Moonshots feet, new activities are being engaged.

Making Cricket Balls and Bats in Adelaide

Chris Harms has a vision and passion to manufacture Cricket Bats and Balls in Adelaide. This project also include some real Innovation and Invention.


The plan is to fund the project via Kick Starter and Chris wants the Collective involved in all relevant areas leveraging our expertise and connections. There will be a sizeable budget to share.

Rick is asking you to help by Adding the right people to our collective.

If you have people to introduce please let Rick know.

Including A Social Enterprise; to run our function space and bar. Rent will be free until the venture can afford some revenue sharing (3 – 6 months)

Of course we will assist with bringing people in on Fridays for the Entrepreneurs Bar.

As part of getting more people to know about the space we offer it free to our members.

Loftus have had an event with more planned,

Podbooth (Rory) has had clients do a launch function,

Digital Marketing Tribe (Ivan) has a launch coming up soon.

The following Monthly options are available for Collective membership

$50 for casual drop in meetings etc

$150 for a shared desk – adjacent to the front window on the ground floor

$450 for one of the available 1 person offices

$650 for the slightly bigger offices on the Southern side.

All members have access to Gigabit Internet, Boardroom incl Video Conferencing, Meeting area on ground floor adjacent Casual Desks and free use of function space.

The weekly Friday at Moonshots the best social way to keep in touch with the activity of individuals in the collective and connected projects.

Moonshots Collective have been asked to take over SA chapter of Founders Institute 
We are establishing Moonshots as a home base for Carnegie Mellon alumni in Adelaide as a way to continue to build links with best and brightest.   The opportunity is here to take on a brand building role for CMUA and running events for business to connect for students and alumni. We have one of the best educational brands in the world here lets leverage it .. see below for cmu overview..
Rory and Rick are talking about establishing a broadcast network combining lots of the shows he produces providing opps for the collective to generate business and income.

CMU emphasizes close collaborations between faculty and students to address scientific, technological and societal challenges, as well as making things ‘from art to robots’.

The university lays claim to many examples of ground-breaking inventions and pioneering research into brain science, data, start-ups and driverless cars, among others. It was the first institution (via professor Scott Fahlman in 1982) to create a ‘smile’ in an email.

Its cohort numbers well over 13,000 students from 114 countries, and a faculty of more than 1,400.

With its strong focus on creating new things, CMS says that many of its students go on to join some of the world’s most successful companies. The Association of University Technology Managers has ranked it first among US institutions for start-up companies created per research dollar spent, between 2008 and 2012.

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