#3 Newsletter

22nd September 2020

Hi All,

Welcome to this brief newsletter for the active members of the collective Thank you to those who sent apologies last week it is much appreciated. We are all busy and keeping a lose connection is much better than none. It takes a little effort by all to make the bigger things work.

Thank you to Eddie Blass, Jason Williams and Rick Carter who forwarded details on recycling operators and startups. Having this bank of information among ourselves is what makes our operations more efficient

Thank you to Daniel Comley and Vanessa Tamms for their presentation on the https://trashd.com.au/ recycling platform. The capability to do things is a reality today. The development is what takes time and the impetus is growing slowly it feels in the current environment.

Transmutation 14 Flint Street Robe.

Brad Scott was up in Moonshots last week and joined in the Zoom last Wednesday. The plastic recycling workshop and retail outlet at Robe in South Australia takes the owners deep concern for the environment and transmutes it into action.


SPACE is another frontier for the Moonshots Collective that is now becoming a part of our playing field. Begining with ResearchSat https://researchsat.space/ Satellites for Microgravity Research for Life Sciences. Including Payload Design | Launch | Experiment Delivery

Russell Colburn And Rick Carter are curently working with Founder and CEO Ravi Teja on the way Moonshots members can participate and benefit from this venture.

The weekly Friday Zoom meeting is now a drink o’clock event at Moonshots the best social way to keep in touch with the activity of individuals in the collective and connected projects.

The coming 6 months is going to see significant economic influence on business trading from the pandemic. Sharing our collective knowledge is going to make it much easier for us all to proposer.

The Collective website is up and running if you want to post something for the group please contact me and I will get it posted. (Geoff).

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