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16th December 2020 1

Hi All

It has been a little over 12 months since I was invited to come have a look at Moonshots by Rick Carter. The observer in me never rests and to see the progress in that time and particularly the Founders Institute initiative I would like to say well done All. I believe this is the thing which epitomises the core of the Moonshots Collective’s capability.

Founder Institute ’s ’10 year impact report,’ features insights from 15,000 founders.

“Over the next 10 years we plan to leverage this global network for the greater good, and help entrepreneurs build businesses that can positively impact society,” added the entrepreneur. Get in to the website and have a look… Even if it is just to see whose faces you recognise To know more: https://fi.co/

Gateway Creative – Robe/Moonshots Progress

Thanks to Will Sami , offering to assist with Roscoe, Rick and Ahmad in preparing Stage One.

Will update https://apollotwo.com/ this afternoon all have been a busy fella of late and it has been on the to do list. Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday

Regards Geoff

Following are the Established Themes and Project Leads to date;

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