Welcome to the site. Apollotwo.com is the vehicle for a collective of enterprises that are open to developing global enterprise. Developing established businesses with operating systems, efficient practices and learning services to grow and succeed.



Market driven





To provide leadership and strategy in developing future business opportunities.


Transforming business, not because it is easy, but because it is hard

The following Monthly options are available for Collective membership

$50 for casual drop in meetings etc

$150 for a shared desk – adjacent to the front window on the ground floor

$450 for one of the available 1 person offices

$650 for the slightly bigger offices on the Southern side.

All members have access to Gigabit Internet, Boardroom inc. Video Conferencing, Meeting area on ground floor adjacent Casual Desks and free use of function space.


#12 MNewsletter

https://apollotwo.com/Moonshots – Do different better. Founders Institute, 42, CMU 16th December 2020 1 Hi All It has been a little over 12 months since I was invited to come have a look at Moonshots by Rick Carter. The observer in me never rests and to see the progress in that time and particularly the Founders …

#11 Newsletter

https://apollotwo.com/ Moonshots – Do different better. Founders Institute, 42, CMU 9th December 2020 Hi All Apology for the delay in mailing out. A slightly hectic week and few zoom meeings got in the way. See You all tomorrow for the updates on the Gateway Creative – Robe/Moonshots Progress Following are the Established Themes and Project …

#10 Newsletter

https://apollotwo.com/ Moonshots – Do different better. Founders Institute, 42, CMU 2nd December 2020 Send apologies if you cannot join us in orbit. Good Morning All Rick Carter re-starting the Founder Institute in SA with my fellow directors Naiyer Fatema Will Sami Russ Colbourne We are now looking for Participants, Friends, Mentors, Partners and Sponsors for …


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